BANDIT 65 is:
KURT ROSENWINKEL – guitars, electronics
TIM MOTZER – guitars, guitar synth, electronics GINTAS JANUSONIS – drums, percussion, electronics

BANDIT 65 is a mesmerizing post-jazz sonic trio of breathtaking virtuosity, great power, boundless breadth, and astounding beauty. Kurt Rosenwinkel, Tim Motzer, and Gintas Janusonis explore the intersection of guitars, rhythms, electronics, soundscapes, experimentalism, psych-rock, free improvisation, and telepathic interplay. Bandit 65 explores a wide open canvas, searching and pushing the envelope live and discovering captivating mind-blowing multidimensional landscapes of sound in their improvisations.

“a free improvisational experimental soundscape multidimensional textural psychedelic groove monster…with soul!”
WXPN The Key, Philadelphia


Genes and Machines is a large riotous ensemble led by Leon Gruenbaum (vocals, samchillian, keys, songwriting) together with vocalist and bassist Ava Farber, combining electronic and acoustic elements with rap, dance and unusual costumes.

Gintas is a founding member of this NYC based perfomance art/electro acoustic/groove and ambience group.

“Sweet blend of mood, romp and ruckus….quite stochastically krunk” -Greg Tate

“Here’s a band who embraces the concept of rock & roll vaudeville: somewhat like Alice Cooper by way of Sun Ra. Weird costumes, masks, war paint, and balloon-like appendages adorned their stage clothing…. They showed a notable mastery not only of musical form, but also of electronics.” – Dawoud Kringle, DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY

Xander Duell

Gintas has been regularly recording and performing with singer-songwriter-composer Xander Duell

“Berlin-era Bowie meets Steely Dan and modern-era Scott Walker”

Helio Parallax

Gintas records and performs with, and is a regular contributor to this group led by bassist-composer-producer Josh Werner, multi-instrumentalist/producer Takuya Nakamura, and dub specialist-beatmaker Marihito Ayabe.

“With effective explorations in time and space, Helio Parallax presents a sound deeply rooted in spiritual expression. True analog electronic music (no laptops) with cinematic landscapes (think Blade Runner meets Miles Davis’ Elevator To the Gallows sound track) anchored by deep dub/hip hop beats with skilled instrumentation to create an atmospheric landscape coined “Sci Fi Dub Noir”.”

-MOD Technologies