production + concept

As a producer and composer Gintas has had extensive experience in a wide variety of musical styles and working contexts, while always maintaining a common thread of deep creativity, focus, and an openness to explore the possibilities of the unknown in service to the music he is involved in creating. These experiences include everything from writing and recording full band and horn arrangements – tracked by some of the legends of Memphis soul music at the legendary Royal studios in Memphis (C.E.G.Starkiller), to intensive audio editing/midi programming and sample based beat production (Wu Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, Bilal, Cormega), to creating custom, abstract sound design and high res/low fi, dub and ambience infused remixes.

Gintas is also known for successfully bringing those sound/production concepts and skills out of the recording studio and onto the stage, adding texture and atmosphere to his already strongly conceptual approach to live performance. He possesses a unique combination of technical skill and highly developed artistic instincts, a synthesis that allows him to be able to effortlessly straddle the different, yet overlapping worlds of analog and digital recording and music production. He thrives in projects and environments that challenge him musically, encompass unique and unusual stylistic combinations, and that have production requirements that allow him to utilize his aesthetic and creative concepts of sound and musical texture.

janusonic music

Gintas has his own production facility under the name Janusonic Music, which utilizes a Pro Tools HD DAW system with 24 channels of 192khz i/o and 24 channels of premium mic pres. The facility is equipped to handle everything from basic drum, vocal, and instrument tracking, to complex multitrack productions and mixes. It features a large collection of drums, cymbals, percussion, and other live instruments, a select collection of classic and modern microphones, and a combination of select analog outboard gear paired with a wide variety of the best software plugins, instruments, and production platforms available. For a full spec sheet and gearlist, contact

In addition to his own facility, if a project requires it, Gintas has access to a variety of world class studios and production rooms that can fulfill any requirements of room size or equipment that may be necessary.